This phenomenon had puzzled all the world’s experts. According to preliminary calculations, the emission of energy resources occurs every 540 minutes. Particles are able in one hour to leave the black hole, but then the vicissitudes of the above process stop an act for a certain time period. Spanish experts claim that only the interaction disk of a black hole with other factors, can produce such amazing effects. There is an assumption that may exist in the hole a material which after heating is released to the outside. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

Now the main task of scientists – to find out details of the new phenomenon. The discovery could completely change the representation of scientists about black holes.

Before a black hole caught in the consumption of solar energy. This cosmic giant is gradually losing a day’s heavenly body the sun’s heat. If such processes are gaining alarming momentum, then humanity is left there not more than two years.

Recall that the American space Agency NASA showed how the black hole managed to destroy a celestial body with the Sun. Due to the foregoing process from the victim space of the funnel there was only a likeness of the bright trace.