Explosions at hotels in the capital of Sri Lanka was committed by two brothers.

Explosions in the Shangri-La and the Cinnamon Grand in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo was carried out by two brothers. This is with reference to participating in the investigating officer reports the Daily Mail (lenta.ru).

According to him, it was more than 20 years, they are the sons of the owner of the business in the spice trade.

In addition, it is reported that when police came to their house, the wife of one of the brothers caused the blast, which killed her and two children, and three law enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, associated with the terrorist organization Islamic state Amaq, the Agency published the photo, which, according to Daily Mail, captured suicide bombers staged explosions in Sri Lanka. The picture shows eight people, only one of them does not hide the face — claimed that the mastermind of the terrorist Imam Hashim Zahran (Zahran Hashim).

In the eight explosions that occurred in Sri Lanka on 21 April, according to the latest figures, killed 321 people, more than 520 wounded. The victims were 35 foreigners, including citizens of the UK, USA, China and Germany.