Presidential “stretches” before and after them, – periods in which the media
it becomes particularly “fertile ground” for the statements of politicians,
and not only promises, but also criticism. The future head of Ukraine Volodymyr
Zelensky, due to their novelty as a political person gets these tips
a vengeance, reports “Russian conversation”.

First, the second President Leonid Kuchma regretted it
telling that will help to lead people, then its predecessor, Leonid
Kravchuk, speaking before the war, gave
recommendations for the Crimea.
The last instruction of an experienced politician caused a storm of criticism on and so
turbulent seas of the Ukrainian media.

Set calm on this issue and decided member
Of the Federation Council Alexei Pushkov in his Twitter account
he openly walked through politics Poroshenko, saying the Ukrainian media obsession – the result of five years of “Russophobic”
policy ex-head of state: “the blockade of the Crimea — stupid policy. She gave nothing and
will not give Kiev obsessed”.

Earlier, the Senator had already stood for the Crimea after the failure
statements of the head of the US state Department Pompeo.

We will remind, after a victory Zelensky has
invited to visit the Peninsula.