The national antiterrorist Committee reported on the results of special operation of security forces in Derbent (Republic of Dagestan), where a residential building is barricaded members of the bandit underground, as appeared later associated with terrorists “Islamic state”.

The NAC stated that vikrita law enforcement cell of the local armed underground consisted of four militants. On Sunday morning, March 5, they were discovered in one of private houses of the city of Derbent, according to “Russian conversation”.

Security forces first blockaded the house, and then embarked on a successful attempt of its storm, resulting in one of the militants was liquidated. Three members of the local bandola arrested and taken to the police station. The NAC claimed that four militants were accomplices of the terrorists “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – ed.) .

“Implementation of complex of measures the Operational headquarters of NAC in Dagestan, units of the FSB and the Russian interior Ministry stopped the criminal activities of secretive cell of the bandit underground connected with the international terrorist organization ISIS (banned in Russia)”, – stated in the message.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, barricaded in a residential house, the militants for several months terrorized the local population in assaults and robberies. On account of several armed clashes with law enforcement officers.