Popular blogger for the first time came out with her partner.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the domestic publication Life.

Recently hosted a party for members of the “Golden youth”. Her guests were mostly the offspring of the popular figures of culture and show business. It is worth mentioning that a special award was given videoblogger Sasha Spielberg.

The girl, whose name is known to almost every teenager of the CIS countries arrived at the event together with a charming young man. Previously, Sasha never showed her boyfriend, but this time decided to make an exception. Reporters learned that the guy’s name is Nikita Kotelnikov.

Friends lovers report that those meeting more than a year.

Before that, the press is the news that Spielberg meets with his colleague, blogger Jan Gordienko . Also in the media there were rumors about the novel girl with a descendant Valerie – Arseniy Shulgin.