TASS, July 19. Judge of the district court of the district of Columbia Amy Berman Jackson refused to return the former head of election headquarters of Donald trump Sex manufactu the records seized during the search of his home in Virginia. On Thursday reported the news Agency Bloomberg.

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What are the charges against Paul Manafort

According to the Agency, at the request Manafort claimed that the search warrant for his home in Alexandria, Virginia, did not have sufficient grounds for exclusion as evidence electronic devices, personal records and Bank documents of those not involved with the investigation. The court had earlier rejected a request by the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump transition from Alexandria to Roanoke (VA).

Manafort acts as a defendant in two trials – in Alexandria and in DC. In Virginia he is accused of concealing foreign Bank accounts, fraud with their income taxes, money laundering and tax evasion . If Manafont will be found guilty on all charges, he faces nearly 270 years in prison, but specracular asks to send him to jail for up to five years. In the capital, former assistant trump is accused of “conspiracy against the United States”, “laundering” more than $30 million, making false statements, violating laws on the disclosure of information about lobbying of interests of Ukraine and work as an unregistered foreign agent.

Manafort became part of the electoral headquarters of the trump in March 2016, led him in June, but August 19 was fired after Kiev accused him of illegally obtaining large sums of money from 2007 to 2012. The former trump’s assistant after submitting to him on 30 October last year, charges in the investigation conducted by Mueller in connection with attributed to Russia’s interference in the US elections in 2016, was under house arrest. However, the judge of the district of Columbia Amy Jackson decided to place 15 of June of Manafort into custody, going towards spectacular, claiming that he has evidence of defendant’s attempts to influence potential witnesses in his case.

Now he is in custody in Virginia.