Photo: the Launch of New Shepard

A test run of the New Shepard rocket carrying the capsule, which plans to send tourists into space, was successful.

American company Blue Origin conducted the eighth test of a new version of the New Shepard system for suborbital flights.

As noted on the website, booster and crew capsule rocket successfully returned to earth.

“Congratulations to our team and our constant load on Board,” − said in a statement on Twitter.

The project owner billionaire Jeff Bezos posted on the microblogging service video with highlights of the mission.

Highlights from today’s mission. Don’t miss the Nerf ball doing a few backflips in zero gravity. #GradatimFerociter @BlueOrigin

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) April 30, 2018.

In the framework of the regular tests on Board the capsule were scientific experiments belonging to NASA and the University of Germany, as well as depicting “space passenger” dummy .


In accordance with the developed Blue Origin technology after launch, the capsule separated from its carrier rocket, and then made a return to the Earth on parachutes, and booster, in turn, also makes a vertical landing on the Ground.

First, Blue Origin tested its new version of the system for suborbital flights in December 2017. The company expects to begin the launch of people in 2018.