Missing Taras Poznyakov
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Taras Poznyakov went missing a year ago, on 4 April 2016, in his car Audi A-6 went from Lviv to Kiev. Along the way he agreed to drive to Kiev two people who identified themselves as participants of the ATO, however, to the city he did not reach, and disappeared with the car. Companions Pozniak took through the service BlaBlaCar. To Kiev the guy never reached.

The loss of Taras poznyakova has caused a huge resonance. The police joined volunteers, searched literally the entire country. In fact, the search is so useless and yet failed. After years Taras has never been found. Police say they continue to look for, as well as the body is not found, consider it alive.

“No new details. One suspect is now on trial, and the second wanted. The body we have found. Consider Taras alive. The consequence proceeds”, – he told 112.ua the police Kiev region.

Parents also believe poznyakova: Taras alive, and they are waiting for him home . “A year, a year you’re not with mom and dad. Your mom’s birthday today. More than anything, she’s waiting for you… and your dad. He’s your real father, who does not give up and will look for you, until you find it. You just wait for him… don’t give up. We all believe that you’re alive. Believe… You must feel it” – wrote on his page on Facebook volunteer Emma Shimanovich, which from the first days involved in the investigation of Taras.

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The car Taras found 12 April 2016 in the Kiev region in one of the garages of the Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area. Also, the police traced suspects: 36-summer Dmitry Golub and 25-year-old Russian citizen Luan Kingisepp.

Golub was detained on 4 August in the Khmelnitsky region. He is charged with premeditated murder from mercenary motives committed by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, as well as illegal appropriation of the car. The courts in Blue still.

The Kingisepp, which is still in the investigation, also charged with premeditated murder, illegal appropriation of the car plus the illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

August 12, 2016, Vadim Troyan, at the time Deputy head of the national police, said that during the week can find the burial place of the victim. Allegedly told him that Golub: “We went in the field with him. He said, “I’m under the Protocol will not say. Will tell you, because I know who you are, where you’ve been. And for my crime, I will answer”. However, this branch of the investigation so useless and failed.

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