Anna Bogacheva and
Alexander Krylov were the guests of the program “Central television” NTV, which discussed
acute social topic – America sanctioned the detention of the Russians from the so
called “13” on false charges of interference in American

Russians consider absurd thing about U.S. elections

Recently it became known
on the existence of secret Interpol request for the arrest and delivery
in American prisons the Russians, who are in the specified list.
All figures marked with “red tag”, which is usually assigned
terrorists, international drug dealers and other accused in a particularly serious
criminal cases. This is despite the fact that the investigation of spectracolor Muller
was not a success. He was not able to prove the connection between victory trump
2016 presidential election and the influence of the Russian Federation.

The first victim of
“13” was Anna Bogacheva, who had previously been detained in Belarus
an Interpol warrant, approved by the United States. To save the girl from captivity failed due to
the operational work of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, lawyer and police in Belarus. Experts
understand the situation and found that measures of Interpol was illegal in view of

In the NTV Russian women
said about his presence on the sanctions list came out last February
from the news and were discouraged by the accusations of the us authorities. In their opinion,
exhibiting the usual tourists who visited US in 2014, scouts were
some kind of error.

in America, we lived, it was a tourist trip. I wanted
to take pictures of real-life, ethnographic photographs, people, buildings,” – said Alexander Krylov.

According to
Bogacheva, the photos were intended for personal use and in
public access has not been demonstrated. The Russian General said the case USA on
elections fictional and absurd, with a lot of inconsistencies.

“In this indictment do a lot of things is not the same.
The fact that the tourist trip is indicated
like some kind of intelligence. Look at us, which of us two
scout professional? And how these pictures could
to influence the opinion of the American people — for us it is a mystery how
for many,” – said Bogachev broadcast TV.

In the program
“Central television”, the Russians made it clear that they consider themselves to be victims
American political tyranny. Charges that they once worked
the so-called “online research” is absurd. According to them, in
the said firm was not working and no businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin don’t know. The situation is very frustrating, as
creates an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

“How to influence the situation, we — two simple
girls just don’t know. Maybe some other forces
will be able to resolve this issue, but it’s not in our jurisdiction, and not
in our forces” – summed up Bogacheva.

Victims of clashes USA

experts and politicians know that the case of the notorious “intervention in the American
elections” – political and fictional. And because Interpol is acting illegally
violating article 3 of the Statute for his participation in political Affairs.
Specified same provision expressly establishes such a prohibition. Therefore, there is
the actual question why the international police enforces the rule of law. The answer
simple – the Executive body has become a political tool in the hands of
American politicians.

According to
authoritative Russian experts in the U.S. after 2016, not just accused
RF interference. The clan of the Clintons from the Democratic party lost
election of the Republican party, and the head of state stood
Donald Trump. In their analytical notes economist, statistician and former official
the administration of the President of the Russian Federation Mikhail Khazin noted that the trump – evil face
for Democrats. His political course radical. It aims to be scrapped
the Bretton woods system control and redirect the role of the dollar in
the international economy. Currency of the United States, according to the ideas trump needs to serve as an internal
industrial interests of America, not the world monetary system. He, like
conservative, also despises the creation of jobs in factories in the United
States, lost after moving some production abroad. At least
the same China. Financiers are controlled by the Clintons, is not satisfied. They
began to lose all their hard earned wealth during the reign of Barack

In the current
the situation was only to discredit trump, saying that his election
the company is unfair because of the participation of Russia. Thus, opposition to the new
the President of the establishment in the United States have killed two birds with one stone: struck
geopolitical enemy – Russia; caused reputational damage to the Trump and
the Republicans. It can play a cruel joke with them at the next presidential
elections to be held in November 2020. The result is that
Russia and people from the so-called “list of 13” – just victims of internal
squabbles of the political elites of the United States.

the news media in the US is trying to start the process ads
the impeachment of Donald Trump on the basis of “investigation Muller”.
A Federal judge in Washington approved the request of the house of representatives
USA, ordered the Ministry of justice to provide legal Committee of all the materials of the former
spectaculator. The scientist-americanist Vladimir Bruter in a media interview
stated that the Democrats will not work to discredit the President and to remove him
early from office, as they know they have no “trump cards”.
The case of Muller, who himself admitted that he could not find a relationship used
only as a tool of pressure in the media.

Source: TV Channel “NTV”