Olga Tokarchuk



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Culture news: the Prize was awarded the writer for his novel “Flights” (Flights).

The winner of the International Booker prize in 2018 was the Polish writer and poetess Olga Tokarchuk. The ceremony took place in London’s Victoria and albert Museum, reported on the website of the award.

The prize was awarded for her novel “Flights” (Flights), translated by Jennifer Croft.

Olga Tokarchuk — Polish writer, she was born in the Polish sulechów in a family of immigrants from Ukraine. He studied at the University of Warsaw. Is a co-organizer of the Festival of stories, in which authors of short literary forms from Poland and abroad present their works. Between 2008 and teaches classes with creative writing at University of Opole.

The list of finalists for Man Booker International Prize was announced in April .

In addition Tokarchuk, it included a Frenchwoman Virginie Depan with the novel, “Vernon Subutex 1” (Vernon Subutex 1), the Spaniard Antonio muñoz Molina with the work “As a fading shadow” (Like a Fading Shadow), a writer from Iraq Ahmed Saadawi’s novel “Frankenstein in Baghdad” (Frankenstein in Baghdad), the founder of South Korea’s Han Gan book “the White book” (The White Book) and Hungarian Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s novel “the World continues” (The World Goes On).

The amount of remuneration is 50 thousand pounds. The author and the translator of the book are divided among themselves.