Boris korchevnikov turned up recently in public in an unrecognizable form: the presenter strongly recovered, undergoing treatment. Now the journalist decided to reveal details of his condition. This is reported by “KP”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“I’ve been through a craniotomy. Know what it is”, – said Boris korchevnikov in the broadcast of its program “the Destiny of man” on channel Russia-1.

His confession TV presenter has made during the conversation with the soloist of group “Ivanushki” Kirill Andreev. “I can’t go a few weeks. Walk like along the wall. Everything in life changes, and I see it differently. In addition, something opens up for you these days”, – said korchevnikov.

It is known that the July 2, 2019 Boris korchevnikov spoke for the first time about his condition. “I have over the last few months put on some weight because it, too, was treated. It’s all over now, I’m on the mend”, – he said.

The presenter lamented that the most difficult challenge for him was not only fought the disease, and evil comments. “I had to read myself so unkind: as I look fat. Had the strength to take it with a smile,” shared 36-year-old artist.

7 August 2015 in the program “live” Boris korchevnikov reported that on 14 July 2015, had surgery to remove a benign brain tumor affecting the auditory nerve. The artist said that at some point he’s just a little buzzing in the ear. These feelings have happened before, so at first he did not betray this value, and then still went to the doctors. After an MRI and was diagnosed “a brain Tumour. Fortunately, it was benign, has already been operated”, – said Boris. The broadcaster said that it was extremely difficult, and that period of my life called “helplessness, weakness, monstrous.” But thanks to the support and love from your family star has found the strength to fight on.

We will remind, the journalist has frankly told about their diagnosis. During his talk show Boris korchevnikov is constantly talking about the ailments of other people, so it seemed dishonest to keep silent about their illness, to the same star, as a believer, relying on the prayers of compassionate spectators.

As previously reported, Boris korchevnikov told about God and life with a dangerous tumor.