The flamboyant Russian artist and performer Boris Moiseyev went to restore health in Miami, according to “Russian conversation”.

The singer Boris Moiseev, who was present at the anniversary of Alla Pugacheva, after the celebration went to Miami. On his official page in social network “Instagram” Moses released a new photo. Frame, judging by the signature, was made in the USA. On the photograph are team members of the artist.

We will note, according to reports, during the feast of the prima Donna Moses felt bad, couldn’t even carry a bouquet of flowers for the singer. But on the fresh publication, he looks very cheerful.

We will add, the health of the artist was shaken in 2010 when he “broke” stroke.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian Dialogue” reported that the singer Boris Moiseev has admitted how much he has left to live in this world.