The Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky said that the Ukrainian artists, who are touring in Russia, defends the Ukrainian position and do not understand that Russia invaded Ukraine.

“I believe that culture is an important part of the policy. Each person makes a choice… If a singer or actor is going to the Russian Federation and stands there, not in the Crimea, the Crimea is Ukraine, in my opinion, it means that this person does not defend the Ukrainian position, do not understand that Russia is a country that attacked us”, – he told journalists at the international forum “Creative Ukraine” on Thursday in Kiev.

The Minister said that the government should formulate their attitude to this tour.

Also Borodyansky added that he supports the initiative of the Public television not to send to the international competition “Eurovision” of artists who perform or intend to perform in Russia.

“We must clearly define what is good and what is evil, and be able to distinguish good from evil,” – said Borodyansky.



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