Three of the five news in our selection today are directly or indirectly related to the Russian aggression: first, the EU for another six months extended sanctions against persons involved in violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine, Department of “Sberbank” in the center of Kiev was bricked up with concrete blocks, and SBU decides what to do with the Russian singer, who performed in the occupied Crimea, and is now going to Eurovision.

Russia made their participant at “Eurovision-2017” which will pass in Kiev. This is a singer with disabilities Yulia Samoylova, who performed in the occupied Crimea. Now SBU checks information and, given that the shooting violated the procedure of entry to the occupied Peninsula, it can be declared persona non grata and, in theory, not allowed in Ukraine. The choice of the Russian “First channel” actively discussed in social networks. It is obvious that the situation is delicate, and the Ukraine put in a difficult position . As well as our intelligence agencies and diplomacy, only time will tell.

Civil case “Azov” today held a rally near the office of Sberbank on Vladimirskaya street in Kiev. The protesters had brought concrete blocks and “bricked” the entrance to the facility in protest of the Bank’s work in Ukraine. They also burned faery. A wave of indignation around the “savings” went up after Russia’s Bank began to take the “passport LDNR”. In Ukrainian “daughter” disown “documents” militants, but the participants of the action promise that it won’t last.

The European Union extended sanctions against persons involved in violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Just a list of 150 individuals and 37 legal entities restrictive measures in regard to them extended until September 15, 2017. These measures include the freezing of assets and travel ban. Dead separatists Tsepkalo and Pavlov, known as “Motorola”, are excluded.

At the headquarters of the trade embargo stated that their redoubt at station Krivoi Torets dispersed by the security forces. Allegedly arrived at the scene, a special unit of CORD, the employee of security service and detained several people. In addition, the Headquarters of blockade issued a letter where the alleged Deputy chief of national police Abroskin sanctioned the use of weapons against blockers. The police said that the letter is fake.

The court of appeals dismissed the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov custody and dismissed the claim of his lawyers. Nasirova, apparently, relieved, as he appeared in court wrapped in a blanket, and a suit and tie. Said he believes the court’s decision unfair.

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