The third day is a court show with participation of the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov, at the weekend, the court was not able to elect him a measure of restraint, and today the meeting continued. Another court, but on another level, started in the Hague. There are considering the claim of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.

The court on remand dismissed the head of the SFS Novel Nasirova continued for the third day in a row. Today it rejected a motion to dismiss judge: the case will continue to consider Alexander Bobovnik. Protection Nasirov also requested a new medical examination of the official, but the court left it unattended. By evening, the court also “mined”. How and when this will end is anyone’s guess.

Avdiivka coke has now completely stopped. Fortunately, only temporarily. An emergency situation occurred due to insulation breakdown of one of the many times of damaged cables. To work managed within the hour . The company is now on a stand-alone power generation, since the repairmen failed to restore the damaged power lines.

The notorious ex-judge Oksana Prince will be reinstated. This decision was taken by the Supreme administrative court. The Prince is known for his arbitrary verdicts against automaidan protesters and was dismissed by the President in September last year.

The international court of justice began to consider the claim of Ukraine on violation of the provisions of the Convention on the suppression of the financing of terrorism and the Convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination. The hearing will last 4 days, and it’s not on the merits and upon request of Ukraine on the application of measures against Russia. Ukraine goes to court, that he imposed against Russia restrictive measures that would prevent the deterioration of the situation. If this does not work, Ukraine will be able to apply to the court to establish a violation of the court order. Ukraine will present the arguments 6 and 8 Mar. Russian Federation on 7 and 9 March. The hearings will begin each day at 10:00 (11:00 Kyiv time).

In Kharkov, there was a tragedy: a modular town for immigrants a 13-year-old boy fatally injured goalposts. The wind broke the gate and was hit on the head of teenager who was standing at a distance of about 2 m. Police are investigating the incident as murder and negligence.

The Verkhovna Rada has registered a bill providing for the compulsory castration of pedophiles. Initiator – member of the “Party “Vidrodzhennya” Anton Yatsenko. The bill proposes to enforce in the prisons of the so-called “chemical castration” for adults accused of committing crimes against sexual freedom of a minor or juvenile. It is emphasized that this tool can only be used by the court and subject to the opinion of a forensic medical examination that the person suffers from pedophilia.

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