Photo: Reuters (archive photo) the British Parliament declared environmental emergency

The British Parliament declared an environmental emergency. This decision was due to the actions of environmental activists.

The British Parliament on 1 may approved the proposal of the leader of the opposition labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn and declared a state of emergency in the environment and the climate, Radio Liberty reports.

The author of the initiative said that the Parliament of great Britain “became the first in the world”, which has taken such steps. The document contains a call to take action to protect the environment for future generations. The decision does not commit to specific measures, it was approved unanimously, without counting.

The MPs propose to the government of Prime Minister Theresa may to make to the legislature within the next six months, proposals to “restore the natural environment of the UK and to create an economy that does not produce waste”. This solution also requires increased support for “an ambitious short-term goals” for renewable energy and transport.

The British Parliament approved the initiative of Corbin after nearly two weeks of protests by environmental activists and the treatment of Swedish Schoolgirls Greta Thunberg, the initiator of global action in support of the environment.

The initiator of the movement FridaysForFuture (global climate strike for the future) is a Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, which this year was nominated for the Nobel peace prize. Since August 2018, the year it came out on a single strike near Parliament of Sweden with the requirement to save the climate. Later it initiative taken up by young people from other countries, which instead of classes on Fridays goes to the protests to local parliaments and councils, to remind local authorities about the consequences of climate change.

Earlier, the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, stated that 2018 was the most negative from the point of view of climate change in the history of observations.

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