The Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may

The Prime Minister said that in respect of Russia is actively reviewing additional measures. Also taken control of persons threatening the security of the country.

The Prime Minister of Britain Theresa may said that the country’s leadership is currently actively considering measures to increase pressure on Russia, and if necessary be prepared to use them at any time. On Tuesday, March 20, according to Interfax-Ukraine.

Such a statement may have made following the meeting of the national security Council. She noted that “other measures against Russia and actively considered” and “the Prime Minister is ready to apply them at any moment.”

However, British Prime Minister added that “pending negotiations with other member States of the EU on the case of poisoning on this week .”

Theresa may also said that the OPCW experts arrived in the UK yesterday, continue to work with samples of substances nervously-paralytic action.

In addition, she noted that “steps were taken at the border to track people, whose activity threatens the security of Britain and its allies, including private air travel”.

Earlier, Johnson called the goal of Russia in the poisoning Skripal.

Earlier, the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said that Russia is increasingly absurd objections in the case of poisoning Skripal.


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