The initiative came from the head of one of the largest management institutions of England.

In the UK, we want to restrict employee communications on the topic of sports in large firms.

This was stated by Anne Frank, the head of the Chartered Management Institute, one of the largest management institutions of England. She suggested to follow the corporate talk about the sport, writes

“Many women in particular feel left out. They don’t follow these sports, and they don’t like being forced to talk about them or ignore. I have nothing against sports fans or cricket – it’s great. But the problem is that many people aren’t fans of cricket.

This is the path to more childish behavior. And if it just won’t be monitored is a signal more children’s culture. All can very easily become talking and chatter about VAR to clapping each other on the back and talk about their victories at the weekend,” said Frank in the BBC.

However, the journalist Jackie Outli it is not supported. “A terrible idea. If you choose to discuss football, jokes, or something else, it will only lead to the fact that people are moving away from each other, although they just want to chat.

Too wrong to tell people that they don’t need to talk sports, because it’s not like girls or women. It is much more controversial,” she said.