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World news:Against the European court of justice favored by many lawmakers in the ruling conservative party.

The British government on Wednesday will unveil their proposals for negotiations with the EU, according to which the country should not be under the jurisdiction of the European court after Brexit. Reported by Euractiv.

Against the European court of justice favored by many lawmakers in the ruling conservative party who say that he slowly takes away the power of the British courts and Parliament.

But for the EU court in Luxembourg is the final arbiter of EU law and must protect its citizens, even those living in the UK.

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“We have long understood that when you exit from the EU we will stop the direct jurisdiction of the EU Court in the UK,” said one of the British officials .

In the document, the British will try to show “examples of existing methods of dispute resolution into international agreements without the European court”.

“The paper will be explored in a variety of precedents… to demonstrate what is normal for the EU to reach agreements with third countries, without the European court of human rights had no direct jurisdiction over them,” – said the source.

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The third round of negotiations, the UK and the EU will be held next week in Brussels.

Recall that Brussels refuses to discuss future with the London agreement on trade in until you have resolved the issues of citizens ‘ rights, benefits Britain for Brexit and the border with Northern Ireland.

Last week, EU leaders reaffirmed this position after London proposed to create a “temporary customs Union” after Brexit.