Photo: Britain will be releasing 1.5 thousand of the ventilator in a week

A new ventilator has received the approval of the British health service. The first batch of 40 units will be delivered in hospital “very soon.”

The ventilator Penlon company received official approval in Britain. It is reported by CNN on Friday, April 17.

“We work closely with our partners in supply chains to rapidly increase production and to achieve our goal (to produce – ed.) not less than 1.5 thousand combined models Penlon and Smiths in a week”, – said the head of the consortium VentilatorChallengeUK dick elsy.

It is noted that the ventilator Prima ES02 is an updated design based on an existing device Penlon. The unit received official approval from the regulatory Agency for control of drugs and medical products and “ready to go to the front of the National health service to support patients with coronavirus”.

The UK government has already ordered 15 of thousands of the ventilator after the official approval of the device. The first shipment of the ventilator, consisting of 40 pieces, will be delivered in the hospital “very soon.”

Recall that a chain of Breweries in Canada converted under manufacture of antiseptics. The first batch of produced disinfectants free give to charitable organizations.

It was also reported that Bauer will produce medical equipment instead of hockey equipment. The company will convert production to help physicians with a lack of protective equipment on the background of the pandemic COVID-19.

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