Boris Johnson visited Germany and France, where he tried to convince the leaders of these countries in the good intentions regarding the “Breccia”. However, the press was excited, not so much the politician’s visit to Paris as his unusual behavior, reports, “Russian conversation”.

The Prime Minister put one foot on the table in front of the French President. However, it later emerged that Johnson did it in response to a joke Makron. However, Twitter gesture politics already has criticized, calling a boor:

“My jaw dropped lower than his manners…”;

“Foot on the table! Both our mothers — Mary and Sheila — will be livid.”;

“Our international reputation of a country with good manners is gradually destroyed”.

The Daily Telegraph also noted that the meeting of Johnson with Macron was painful for the British.

We are talking about an extremely strong handshake, which is famous for the French President. He is aggressive and shakes hands with all the guests, showing who’s the boss. Johnson is no exception.

When meeting macron grabbed Boris’s hand and began to squeeze. Media noted that this fight lasted a long time.

Earlier it was reported that British Prime Minister Johnson gave an important promise Zelensky.