Photo: the Flags of the UK and EU

A new round of talks on Brexit should begin on July 17.

The EU representative in the negotiations on Brexit Michel Barnier criticized the proposal of the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may on the rights of EU citizens as too vague. As he wrote to Barnier on Twitter, you want more “clarity and guarantees”.

He noted that the EU aims to achieve the same level of protection for citizens, as well as in European law. The rights of UK citizens living in Europe, and citizens of the countries-EU members living in Britain, Barnier intends to Brexit negotiations to clarify as soon as possible. Both sides called guarantees citizens a priority in the negotiations, a new round of which is scheduled for July 17.

Earlier Mei presented their proposals in Parliament. Their main features she also presented last week during the EU summit in Brussels . A number of European heads of state and European Council President Donald Tusk spoke about them very skeptical. In particular, the proposals of the official London States that all citizens of EU countries living in the UK, after the completion of Brexit needs on an individual basis to extend the right to stay, although simplified.

In addition, the government in London agreed that citizens of EU countries living in the UK, will be able to file lawsuits to protect their rights in the European court. According London, this has to happen in the British courts.