In Kiev the protesters was not limited to riots at the office of the Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov,” Independence square column having moved to the nearest office of alpha Bank with Russian capital. Despite the attempts of law enforcement to prevent the riots, the protesters, armed with firecrackers and stones, defeated the branch of the financial institution.

First, a group of nationalists defaced the signboard of the Bank, and then the radicals found firecrackers, stones and broken pieces of curb that through the cordon of security forces began to fly in the premises of the Bank, according to “Russian conversation”.

The radicals demanded that Russian banks have ceased their activities in Ukraine and asked the police not to disturb them. Some of them had the security forces as combatants in the Donbass .

The national guard chose not to resist hundreds of radicals, and the campaign ended without clashes with police. After a pogrom perpetrated by the protesters dispersed. No one was arrested.

Recall that the protesters after the rally on Monday again gathered on Independence square to demand that the Kiev authorities stop the military measures the acceleration of the trade blockade of Donbas, President Petro Poroshenko called “the occupier.”