Kasperovich did ask for accreditation from the Ukrainian coaches, but it was cancelled.

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr Brynzak commented that coach Alexander Loginov, Alexander Kasperovich arrived at the world Cup Ukrainian accreditation.

“The fact that the Ukrainian delegation was granted accreditation for its quota coach Alexander Kasperovich, is not true. He lived on the Ukrainian accreditation in Antholz, but race day the prosecution asked the accreditation card from one of the members of our delegation and with that card got on the highway to give information to its competitor. The violation was noticed by the sports Director of the IBU, who contacted us with a demand to surrender accreditation for its annulment.

This requirement, we performed and provided explanation of the IBU. Yesterday this accreditation we have been given again and it is our representative. Neither the police nor anyone else seized the Ukrainian accredited coach Kasperovich. After the establishment of the facts and our explanations of other issues or claims by IBU to us was not” – quotes Brynzak Russian commentator Dmitry Guberniev in the channel in Telegrams.

Earlier it was reported that at the world Cup in Antholz were searched among Russian biathletes. It was reported that the reason was the Ukrainian accredited coach Loginova.

According to the materials: