Sergey Bubka spent over two hours online with the leading athletes and coaches.

Hosted video meeting Olympic champion, legends of world sports, President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergey Bubka with more than 200 Ukrainian athletes summer and winter sports to prepare for the Olympic games in Tokyo and Beijing, and their mentors.

During the meeting, which lasted more than two hours, an outstanding athlete shared his life and sports experiences, gave valuable advice, opened their secrets and vision of success. The discussion covered a large number of useful and relevant topics that interested athletes and coaches. In particular, the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo.

“You must be strong and worthy to accept what has already happened. You need to move forward. You must continue training in today’s environment and bring yourself in peak shape already to the new dates of the Olympic games 23 July-8 Aug 2021. It is necessary to accept new challenges and to continue its work”, – said Sergey Bubka.

The participants discussed the issues of psychological aspects, motivation and confidence, overcome defeats and downs, coach, human values, social role of an athlete, integration into life after a career and much more.

“The power in each of us! Your success is in your hands. Go ahead, in spite of any difficulties. Don’t give up! Run, learn! We need to do to create yourself, your life, your career, your future. Life is a struggle! Continue this fight and you will win all”, – said Bubka.



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