It seems that some European countries decided to change the story of the “brown plague” and its defeat by the red Army. The Russian diplomats were surprised by the reaction of the Bulgarian foreign Ministry on the holding of the exhibition for the anniversary of the liberation of Eastern Europe, reports “Russian conversation”.

Organized by the Russian side the exhibition will showcase archival materials about the events of the Second world war, which long time kept under secrecy.

Earlier, the Bulgarian foreign Ministry said the position that the Soviet Union played a key role in the liberation of Europe from an aggressive Germany is allegedly “questionable thesis”.

By the way, the anniversary of the start of one of the most terrible tragedies of the last century, some people try to explain the role of the Soviet Union negatively. So, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that in 1939, Poland was forced to defend in the West and the East.

Russian diplomats accused him of trying to rewrite history and recalled the position of London in the beginning of the war.