Today, may 8, it became known about the discovery of at least 21 military red army near Berlin.

According to information released by the Associated Press, were found the remains of at least 21 soldiers who served in the red army.

It is reported that the remains were discovered in 70 kilometers to the Eastern part of Berlin in the town of Salou in the course of works on construction of Bicycle paths.

According to experts, in the earth there are remains of many Soviet soldiers who, in all probability, killed at the end of the Second world war in the last battles for Berlin.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, citizens of the world prepare for action “Immortal regiment”, devoted to the victory in the great Patriotic war.

We will remind, the malefactor threw in the trash the remains of a man. As it turned out, did the investigator of the GUS GU MVD in Moscow . These remains were obtained from peer institutions, conducting a forensic investigation in the criminal case before it the production.