In the night of Tuesday unknown persons have burnt the car belonging to the family of the acting head of the Odessa customs Igor Reznik, says the head of the State customs service Maxim nefodov and encourages the Ukrainian law enforcement authorities to conduct a prompt and transparent investigation of this crime.

“The video shows that someone crossed the fence, threw a bottle (incendiary – if) and ran away. Who benefits? A lot of options – from smugglers to even some of the customs officers whom we have offended by fighting against schemes,” wrote nefodov on his page on the social network Facebook on Tuesday morning, posting fotograii of the burned car.

As an example, the struggle with the schemes, the head of the State customs service resulted in the arrest last Monday in Odessa is the container with the technique of Apple and Sony by $300 thousand and amounted to protocols 5.7 million UAH about 4 BMW cars.

“I appeal publicly to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, security service, National police of Ukraine to ensure prompt and transparent investigation of the crime. The fight against smuggling is a war and we must win!” – said nefodov.