Terrible accident
clouded morning, 18 August in Moscow, crowded bus flew into a mast of city
lighting. The accident occurred at the intersection of highway Enthusiasts and the 1-St Vladimirskaya
the street near the house № 60, according to “Russian conversation”.

just carried out an excursion around the city, so it was 32
passengers, all of them citizens of China. The terrible impact 20 people were injured, the driver swears
the culprit of the incident – the driver of the car that
clipped him. A happy outcome in this situation can already be considered that
none of the shocked passengers received fatal injuries.

The place is already working
not one ambulance, law enforcement officers arrived. The fuel spill is not

Sad, but similar
The accident took place in Perm on August 17, then the bus flew into the store, but for
one of the passengers, the collision was fatal.

Earlier it was reported
about the tragic accident in Chechnya
which killed six people.