The President of the United States Donald trump at the White house was forced to greet the tourists in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton.

As you know, this week
the official residence of the President of the United States the White house has officially opened for visitors. On
this time it was much more exciting, as tourists for the first time welcomed
the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump.

It would seem that everything went
okay. But a small detail in the interior, against which trump welcomed
guests who are already attracted considerable attention of users of social networks.

The fact is that at this point
Trump caught in the background of his Nemesis in the person of Hillary Clinton. Before
a crowd of tourists, the President of the United States was in the vicinity
a huge portrait of his former opponent for the presidency .

The appearance of the tramp was met
noise and shouts. The President waved to the visitors hand and even hugged one of the
the smallest visitors.

Earlier, trump has demonstrated a blatant ignorance of the traditions of Ireland.

According to BusinessInsider, the translation of the edition of “Russian conversation”