Dmitry Gudkov

When clowning in Russia turned into schizophrenia?

Historians investigating butanolic faced with the question: when the clown turned into schizophrenia? If on the scene and says “frosty”, we’ve got two options: he’s joking or he is serious.

That’s before “frosty” in Parliament sounded funny, a fake nose puckered with suppressed laughter. Some Milon or model Falcon Zhirinovsky never believed in own sentences to re-paint the Kremlin green and cover up the phallus of Apollo on the banknote.

And now a fake nose attached to the face oblective metal, and “frosty” sounds the battle cry.

Fresh symptom: “the interim Commission of the Federation Council for the defense of national sovereignty” found waged against Russia “moral war” and urged “beat the enemy with his own weapons.

Homing turret “Morality”? The categorical imperative bomber? The Holy Ghost crawler?

Why, of all the variants of the historical path we have chosen was invented by Stephen king? Down the drain, to toothy and a history of clowns.

Dmitry Gudkov, “Rosbalt”