Mikhail Butov

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MOSCOW, March 6. /TASS/. Permission to participate in international competitions, which has received from the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF) some Russians, does not guarantee automatic admission of these athletes to the tournaments. Member of the IAAF Council Mikhail Butov in an interview with TASS called the managers of the athletes to conduct serious explanatory work with the competition organizers and convince them that the invitation of the Russians would not harm anti-doping reputation.

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The IAAF on February 23 approved the individual applications for participation in the international competition in the neutral status enjoyed by the three Russian athletes: a runner Christine Sivkovo, vaulter Angelica Sidorova and hammer thrower Alexei Sokirskiy . After March 15, the international Federation will take a decision on other applications. However, athletes who have already obtained permits, can face a lack of invitations from the organizers of those competitions in which the Russians would like to participate.

“First, the organizers of the commercial one-day tournaments may decide not to invite our athletes, not to put somehow doubt doping the purity of their competitions, – said Butov. – In this direction it is necessary to seriously work as managers themselves athletes and our Federation. You need to clarify what part of Russians is not fraught with any dangers in the part of the anti-doping risks. I hope that any prejudices on the part of the organizers not to be, but to underestimate this point it is impossible, moreover, that examples of this have already been.”

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“The second point, which will take into account the organizers when you send the invitations, it’s a level results, – continued the interlocutor of the TASS. – Usually athletes invited to prestigious commercial competitions for the high results they have shown at major international tournaments over the last year. To what the athletes achieve on the domestic competitions, the attitude of the world a little more. The more that competition in some species we are not very rigid, so it is not possible to show good results”.

Russian athletes can’t participate in international competitions under the flag of their country as long as the international Association of athletics federations will not restore the all-Russian athletics Federation as a member of their organization.