Matteo Salvini

The published record of secret negotiations of party financing Salvini with officials of the Kremlin.

The American edition BuzzFeed News published a record of secret negotiations between representatives of the right-wing party “Northern League” Vice-Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini with officials of the Kremlin in the Moscow hotel “Metropol” in October 2018. The Italians, according to the publication, agreed to receive tens of millions of dollars “Russian oil money”, writes the website

At the meeting, which lasted an hour and 15 minutes, was attended by six people, three representatives from “the League” and the Russian side. Among the Italians was Gianluca Savoini, the former press Secretary of the leader of the “League” and the current interior Minister of Italy Salvini.

“We want to change Europe. The new Europe needs to be much closer to Russia,” he says on records.

The formal purpose of the meeting was the oil deal in the tens of millions of dollars that will go to the promotion party. The parties discussed the terms of the agreement, to secretly send tens of millions of dollars of Russian money to Finance the party Salvini.

Discussed a proposal by which large Russian oil company will sell Italian oil company Eni, at least 3 million tons of fuel worth about $ 1.5 billion. Buying and selling will be done through intermediaries, the sellers will apply the reduced rate to these agreements. According to estimates provided by industry analysts, BuzzFeed, the discount could be around $ 65 million, based on fuel prices at the time, and that the money was secretly sent to the Italian party through intermediaries.

“It’s very simple,” said one of the Italians about 25 minutes after the beginning of the meeting. “Our political guys planned that, given a discount of 4%, 250 000 tons 250 000 plus per month within a year, you can support the campaign,” he added.

While recording, you can see how both sides tried to hide the fact that the true beneficiary of the transaction would be “League”. Such funding violates the Italian electoral law forbidding political parties to accept large foreign donations.

At the meeting, was not present Salvini, but he was in Moscow and on the eve of a speech against anti-Russian sanctions, which he called “the economic, social and cultural stupidity.”

Italian weekly L’espresso in February 2019 wrote that Salvini visited Russia for secret talks on the financial support of the “League” and met with Vice Premier of Russia Dmitry Kozak. Support from Russia supposedly could flow through the transaction on sale of the fuel. The representative of Kozak is denied, Rosneft threatened to sue.

BuzzFeed News could not identify the Russians, but from the conversation it is clear that high-ranking officials in the course of the discussion, the Russian negotiators speak of “yesterday” and that they would have to pass on the details, “Deputy Prime Minister”.

“The Northern League” denies that it ever received foreign funding.

“Records from the “Metropole” are the first conclusive evidence of covert attempts of Russia to Finance the European nationalist movement and the apparent complicity of some senior representatives of the extreme right in these attempts,” — said in the article.

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It is not known, an agreement was concluded and received the “League” for some funding from Russia, but there are entries of the detailed negotiations raises serious questions about whether there was a violation of Italian laws, about the relations between Moscow and the party “League”.