Starting in 2016, the passenger traffic of the airports of Ukraine increased by 100%, said Deputy Minister of infrastructure, Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

“Undoubtedly one of the most tangible results of the work of the Ministry of infrastructure for the 2016 – 2019 has been the rapid development of aviation. For the period 2016 – 2018 airports of Ukraine increased by 100%. If in 2015 it amounted to 10 million passengers in 2018, this figure reached 20.5 million passengers and growing. On the market of Ukraine came 14 new airlines. The share of lowcost in the message is almost 30%. In addition, resumed the work of more than 10 regional airports”, – said Yuriy Lavrenyuk.

According to Lavrenyuk passenger traffic of the airport Borispol in 2018 compared to 2015 increased by 72%. These results were achieved thanks to the transformation of the business model of the airport and the election of its development strategy as an international hub. Now the share of transfer passengers of the airport reached 30%, which is the main symptom of a hub airport, and the number of airlines flying to/from Borispol, has more than 50. In addition, at the Boryspil airport successfully rekonstruirovat terminal F, which now serves exclusively low-cost carriers.

As for the international airport Lviv, the volume of passenger traffic in 2018 compared to 2015 increased by 180%. The total number of airlines which operates flights to/from Lviv on regular and Charter basis during 2015-2018 increased from 14 to 21, of which 4 is low.

In addition to the rapid growth of passenger traffic also increases the volume of freight and mail by air transport. In 2018, this figure amounted to + 40% in comparison with 2015.

In addition, Yuriy Lavrenyuk noted that in addition to public airports, active development of regional airports: “For the development of regional airports, in 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the State target program of airport development for the period up to 2023. Under this program, the government has allocated 1, 7 billion UAH the device of the runway at the airport of Odessa, which will accept almost all types of aircraft with certain requirements of the ICAO standards. Building the new runway will allow to accept the heavier types of aircraft, including Boeing-767, which will contribute to the increase in passenger traffic doubled. Bearing capacity of the new runway will be nearly twice the existing (classification number of coating ability (PCN) the new band is 64, compared to 35 – existent). Also in the framework of the project it is planned to install lighting, radio navigation and meteorological equipment for the certified approach category III (ICAO), while the existing runway is certified for category I (ICAO)”.

Yuriy Lavrenyuk also noted that this year has already been partially put into operation the new terminal of the airport of Odessa, which was built under a public-private partnership. The capacity of the new terminal is 1,000 passengers/hour, a full run of the terminal is planned before the end of this year. It is expected that in the future the terminal will be able to serve about 3 million passengers a year.

According to the Deputy Minister, in the framework of the target programme also envisages the allocation 287,74 million UAH for the completion of reconstruction of Lviv airport. However, with the aim of increasing passenger traffic and the number of service flights need additional financing and realization of construction projects that were initiated in the framework of preparation to Euro-2012.

Also, at the initiative of the Ministry of infrastructure, in June 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine sent UAH 200 million for the reconstruction of the runway of the international airport “Dnepr”.

As for the airports of Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Poltava, and Kherson, in them too there is a positive progress. “In 2017, began construction of a terminal at the airport of Zaporizhia and currently holds approximately 90% of the construction work. This autumn he plans to open. At the international airport Nikolaev repaired runway, the restored platform, partly renovated terminal building, and resumed the work of the navigation systems, the aviation security service. Airport “Poltava” in 2017 opened the international checkpoint through the state border and this year it started to run international flights. Also, according to the program of development of airports by 2023 envisages allocation of 29.9 million UAH for the reconstruction of the runway of the airport Kherson”, – said the Deputy Minister.

Yuriy Lavrenyuk stressed that equally important step is the restoration of the flights from Kiev to the airport “Uzhgorod” and successful completion of Ukraerorukh in 2018 audit of the European Agency for aviation safety (EASA) and obtain a certificate of conformity.

“EASA certification is the basis for obtaining the rights from the Slovak side for the provision of air traffic services in the airspace of Slovakia, which is necessary for maneuvering the aircraft to perform operations at the airport “Uzhgorod”. Now the Ukrainian and Slovak parties commenced work on the preparation of the text of the draft Agreement between the Governments of Ukraine and Slovak Republic on the determination of the conditions of use of a certain part of the airspace of the Slovak Republic. This draft Agreement has been agreed with the Executive authorities of Ukraine and directed the foreign Ministry of Ukraine to transfer the Slovak side. This Agreement will help restore the full operation of the airport “Uzhgorod”, – said the Deputy Minister.

In addition, as an alternative airport “Uzhgorod”, the Ministry of infrastructure is considering the construction of the airport in Dnepropetrovsk on the basis of the former military airfield at the expense of state funds and funds of investors. One of the mechanisms of involvement of public funds is to enable activities for the construction of the airport “Mukachevo” in the State target program of airport development for the period up to 2023.

Yuriy Lavrenyuk noted that for the further development of the aviation industry in the nearest future it is planned to continue the development of low-cost flights by foreign and domestic airlines both in international and regional transport, the continued reconstruction and rehabilitation activities of the regional airports, by raising funds for state and local budgets and private investment, adoption of an air transport strategy until 2030, and the signing and implementation of the Agreement on common aviation area (SAP) with the EU.

“Ukraine has all chances to become a powerful air hub between Europe and Asia. We will make every effort to fully restore the work of all regional airports of Ukraine”, – summed up Yuriy Lavrenyuk.