The European Union has repeatedly reaffirmed the importance of the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles, said the official representative of the European Commission (EC) Carlos Martin Ruiz de Gordexola.

“Over the last 30 years, the INF Treaty has made a significant contribution to European and international security, and international stability. About 3 thousand missiles have been removed from European territory and destroyed under control”, – said the press Secretary on Friday at a briefing in Brussels.

He noted that on 2 August entered into force the decision on US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, whereas Russia stopped its run. “The EU has repeatedly called on Russia to take into account the serious concerns associated with the failure of this Treaty,” – said the representative of the EC.

In the EU, he said, would continue the actions of the INF Treaty. “We need to be careful not to plunge into a new arms race after significant reductions at the end of the cold war – added Gordexola.

He also said that the EU urged Russia to reconsider its nuclear Arsenal – strategic and nonstrategic, deployed and nondeployed.

“We wish an early and active dialogue on start III after 2021 and other aspects of arms control,” – said the representative of the EC.


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