They called on the IOC to move the competition.

Olympic and Paralympic committees, Canada refused to participate in the summer Games 2020 in Tokyo so pleased with the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19. Later the same decision was announced and the Olympic Committee of Australia, reports “Radio Freedom”.

Canada has called on the international Olympic Committee (IOC) and the world health organization (who) to postpone the holding of the summer Olympics one year. “We are in the midst of the global crisis in health care, which is much more important than the sport”, – stated in the message the canadian Olympic Committee. The Australian Committee stated that athletes are preparing for the summer Games in 2021, not 2020.

With a request to transfer the Olympic games in Tokyo due to pandemic coronavirus earlier appealed to the IOC Norway and Brazil.

The head of the IOC Thomas Bach issued a letter in which he announced that the decision about the possible transfer of the summer Olympics will be decided during the next four weeks.

The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, speaking on 23 March in Parliament, did not rule out the postponement of the Olympics. However, he, like the IOC, not considering the cancellation of Games.

Olympics was held in Tokyo from 24 July to 9 August.