The 2018 world Cup hockey


Sports news: on Saturday, may 19, will host the semi-finals of the world hockey championship, where team Canada will play team Switzerland.

Bookmakers from company bet365 to win the canadian national team taking bets with odds of 1.36. The success of the Swiss is estimated at 7.0. And draw the match in normal time is 5.5.

The world hockey championship: schedule, scores and results

The bookmaker bwin also believes the favourites of the founders of hockey. So, at Triumf propose to put a factor of 1.4, and the victory of Switzerland is 5.5. The probability of a draw in normal time of 6.0.

Note that the match 1/2 finals of the 2018 world Cup of hockey between Canada and Switzerland will be held on Saturday, may 19, in Copenhagen, Denmark on ice Royal arena. The meeting will begin at 20:15 on the Kiev time .