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Earlier in nature, scientists have not met with a similar chemical structure of cannabinoids in the known types of cannabis.

Cannabis discovered a new substance that can have an effect 30 times stronger than its “predecessor”. It is reported by Nature.

Studying one of the Italian varieties of cannabis, scientists have found a chemical compound whose influence on the human organism can be 30 times higher than in other varieties of marijuana.

This substance comes into contact with the receptor CB1 in the human body.

So open substance THCP were much more “powerful” in comparison with the previously known THC and can significantly more easily interact with the receptors.

The finding differs from previously known substances by chemical structure.

The researchers noted that earlier in nature never found such a plant. The scientists also stressed that they do not know why some varieties of cannabis have a more powerful effect.

Scientists hope that new compounds will make a breakthrough in biological Sciences.

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