Photo: the Caribbean long before the Spaniards colonized Jamaica, Hispaniola and the Bahamas

Myths of Christopher Columbus on the Caribbean cannibals turned out to be true. Cannibals from the diaries of the discoverer of America really existed.

Scientists have extensively studied the skulls of ancient members of the population of the Caribbean Islands. It turned out that the cannibals of the Caribbean, about which he wrote in his journals Columbus really existed, according to Scientific Reports.

A traveler described the attacks of Caribbean natives. Cannibals eating people, women taken into slavery. Previously, these stories are considered myths.

American experts from the University of North Carolina with the help of face recognition technology analyzed the skulls of the early inhabitants of the Caribbean and revealed the history of relations between the various population groups in the region.

All was worked over 100 skulls that date back to the 800-1542 ad

The study showed that the modern natives of the Amazon are relatives of the Polynesians, and it is said that their ancestors were not only the ancient inhabitants of Siberia, and South-East Asia.

Scientists were surprised by the fact that the Caribs (natives of the Caribbean coast of South America) had not only swam to the island of Guadeloupe, as previously thought, but further. They long before the Spaniards colonized Jamaica, Hispaniola and the Bahamas.

“I’ve spent years trying to prove that Columbus was wrong and it turned out that he was right: in the Northern part of the Caribbean, when it arrived was the Caribbean,” said one of the study’s authors, William Keegan.

The skull is an early representative of the population of the Caribbean Islands. Photo: Ann Ross/North Carolina State University.

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