A man with a long beard and in a black suit, a suspect in the terrorist attack at the metro station “Sennaya” in Saint Petersburg, after he saw media distributed information about themselves, turned himself in to police and said it was not involved in a terrorist attack.

According to “Interfax”, the man, whose identity has not yet been made public, on Monday evening, April 3, voluntarily appeared in one of the offices of the police of St. Petersburg, reports “Russian conversation”.

In communication with militiamen, he said, that has nothing to do with the explosion at the station of the St. Petersburg subway and voluntarily came to the police to clear themselves of all suspicion.

In the network appeared the photo of a man, which together with the silhouette in the video from surveillance cameras at Haymarket square, as well as of the still pictures from the cameras located directly on the subway.

As previously reported, the pre became known, who could not leave blown up a bomb at metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”. The police of St. Petersburg has declared wanted two suspects in the terrorist attack.