Quarantined hotel in Tenerife

This is the first case of the disease on the mainland of Spain. Infected inhabitant of Catalonia recently visited Italy.

The first case of infection with coronavirus was identified in Switzerland. About it reports on Tuesday, February 25, website Blick with reference to the authorities.

According to him, the case was recorded in the Canton of Ticino, which borders with the Northern region of Italy. Check the result of the tests involved the laboratory in Geneva.

Also, the first case of coronavirus recorded in Catalonia. As writes Yevropravda, this is the first confirmed case in mainland Spain. Two had previously been registered in the Canary Islands, and the third in Mallorca.

Reported positive tests for coronavirus was the patient in Barcelona, who recently visited Northern Italy.

Earlier, the first cases of coronavirus found in Austria and Croatia – both are related to Italy.

According to the latest data, the number of infected in Italy exceeded 280 people – this is the largest number in Europe.

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