Neri said that in Ukraine he went with great sadness, feel psychologically bad.

The former Shakhtar midfielder nery Castillo has told, what difficulties he experienced in the Donetsk club, and also stated that initially did not want to leave Olympiacos.

“Then the money didn’t matter to me. Shakhtar President gave me a blank sheet of paper to write the amount what you want. So much he wanted to see me in the team.

Then I went to Greece after the Copa America. There was representatives of Donetsk, again started talking about finances. Then, the Pitmen agreed with Olympiakos, had only to negotiate with me.

I said that they would not leave this club, I love the team I am a key player, and the wife is expecting a child. After that I scored Vice-President of “red-white” and said that I should come in for 3 days in order to complete the miner. I felt a lot of pressure.

But I still did not consider the proposal would not go away. They even said that if I don’t go, I won’t play 6 months.

I went to Ukraine sad, felt bad for me psychologically. I didn’t like that there cold, then died my mom and dad. Mircea Lucescu didn’t let me go to the funeral. I always wanted to return to Olympiakos”.

The Mexican said, what was his main mistake. Neri thought, if you intentionally play bad, then it will sell.

“I was wrong in that thought, if they are not to show themselves, the faster it will go. Mom passed away January 8, 2009, and in the Premier League was on a break. Dad called from Uruguay and said that the mother in a coma. I was in Greece, on the same day, 29 Dec flew to Uruguay. January 7, I had to arrive at the location of the Pitmen.

I scored Mircea and said mom is dying, wanted to stay in Uruguay, he has not given consent. Dad said I was back, nothing changed. I went back and my father said afterwards that she died.

We again had a meeting with the coach. I asked about going to the funeral, but he did not let me go. That’s what people don’t know.

I didn’t see how my mother died, not even got to the funeral.

How to play for the team in which you never wanted to be? Then did not my father”, – quotes the words of the player ESPN.

Nery Castillo was in the location of the miner, from 2007 to 2011. During this time he rent in Manchester city, Dnipro, Chicago fire, and ARIS.

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