In the Verkhovna Rada, according to the results of processing 75,22% of electronic protocols are the party of “servant of the people” (42,76% of the vote), “the Opposition platform For life” (opsi) – 13,0%, “the European solidarity” – 8,36%, “Batkivshchyna” – 8,07%, “Voice” – 6,14%.

According to the website of the CEC, has not yet overcome the 5% barrier into Parliament party, the Radical party – 3,85%, “Strength and honor”, which is to 3.77% of the vote in Ukraine, “the Opposition bloc” – 3,2%, the Party of Sharia was 2.31% of the votes.

“Freedom” – 2,24%, the party “Ukrainian strategy Groisman” gaining 2,24%, “Civil position” of 1.07%.

Less than 1% scored: the party “Association “Samopomich” – 0,66%, the green Party and 0.64%