Diana Shurygina, sets to celebrate its coming of age in the circle of celebrities, was left to celebrate alone.

Shurygina, schoolgirl, whose name sounded all over the country after the scandalous
broadcast talk-show “Let speak” with Andrey Malakhov on the days noted
his coming of age. The occasion was planned pompous, but none of
celebrities invited to the celebration did not come, informs “the Russian
The dialogue”.

the story about the rape of 16-year-old girl 20-year-old Sergei Semenov
rocked the whole of Russia, making Diana one of the most discussed persons.
Often the young celebrity was stopped on the street, asking to make a joint
a photo or give an autograph. But as it turned out, in fact, real friends
Shurygina in Moscow have not got .

As reported
Natalia, mother of Diana, at the festival in honor of the age daughters were invited
celebrities such as presenter, performer Egor Krid, popular
videoblogger Katya Klep, and many others. But despite a long list
invited your birthday Diana celebrated all alone.

unexpected turn has forced the young star to cry, although recent
unpleasant situation, it would seem, was to teach her not to pay attention
to such trifles.

As a reminder, Diana is quite specific, the online persona, which is now
only occasionally remembered. It has become popular due to scandalous stories about
rape, which quickly bored everyone, and the glory that had been blurred to the girl
in hand.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that Diana Shurygina suspected pregnancy.