On the show of Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” has appeared the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky Daria with his mother, the actress Irina Brazgovka, reports “Russian conversation”.

Irina Brazgovka met with Andrei Konchalovsky, when she was not yet 20 years old. In conversation with the YouTube Koschevnikovi 63-year-old actress said that their affair started when she was only 18 years old, and the Director at the time was married. This relationship did not last long. Then her lover had gone abroad and she learned that she was pregnant.

Irina is still a baby, but because of improper fetal development, a girl named Dasha was born with health problems. 17 years Irina bravely fought for her life, but she was very difficult. Only then Konchalovsky and learned about the existence of the illegitimate heiress from his friend and was able to help her in this difficult time.

Now the artist and his wife Julia Vysotskaya communicate well with Dasha and her children. Daria already gave my father the grandchildren and even sometimes comes to visit him.

The heiress changed much from the teenager turned into an attractive woman with a stylish haircut and fashionable glasses.

“He’s very sincere, a rich man, he knows how all the wealth, all the wisdom is very simple to apply. You realize that behind the words hides much more than is there. He’s got” – spoke about Andrei Konchalovsky heiress.

As previously reported, “Russian Dialogue,” Andrei Konchalovsky confirmed the information about his wedding with his wife Julia Vysotskaya. It is also known that Julia was married with her husband Andrei Konchalovsky after 20 years of marriage.