Most approved for the year 2019 public housing programmes free providing houses, are opaque and contain a large proportion of corruption, the head of the Board of the State Fund for youth housing assistance (Gemaldegalerie) Sergey Room.

“Most programs involve free distribution of housing. To provide such a large number of Ukrainian citizens in need of better housing conditions, through free distribution of apartments, we’ll never be able. This approach is not in any developed country. There is social housing, which is provided for temporary use without ownership transfer, and there are mortgage banking programs,” said Room during the press-conference in Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on “the mortgage after the elections: what to expect home buyers what to prepare developers.”

Only, according to him, in Ukraine there are 25 housing programs, 17 of which carry a non-refundable resource for free housing.

“17 in these programs, I believe there is a lot of corruption. All that relates to the provision of free housing, this is all opaque situation. Free housing without the right to privatization – the normal, common practice. But when it comes to construction and free results in the property apartments at the expense of taxpayers – there are also many problems”, – said the head of government Gemaldegalerie.

This year, he stressed that the state budget for all law enforcement agencies allocated 1.8 billion and in 2019 it is planned to build or purchase for them almost 3 thousand apartments. In addition, the Ministry allocated 1.3 billion UAH to provide about 1.5 thousand apartments.

The Ministry for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons allocated to displaced 20 million that will provide about 27 apartments.

“There are two programs that do not provide for the establishment of the housing Fund. The Ministry receives a budget of 3 billion to cover the cost of accommodation and payment of utility services to the internally displaced persons. It is about 1.5 million people receiving an average of 1-1,5 thousand UAH per month. No one checks what the family really needs the help, and for those who really need such funds are not sufficient,” said Room.

He also stressed that no one controls, uses these funds for other purposes or not (i.e. removes family housing or not).

“We invite the government to reconsider this program. Determine the categories that require support, and to increase its size. And part of the released means to direct on sustainable solutions to the housing problems of the economically active for those internally displaced persons who are able to take preferential mortgage and ability to repay,” said the head of the Board Gemaldegalerie.

In this regard, he appealed to President Vladimir Zelensky with a request to revise and unify the public housing program.