Anna Sedokova


Photo from open sources

News of show business:Famous singer Anna Sedokova revealed the name of his beloved.

Anna Sedokova first hinted who the father of her son. Singer and former member of the group VIA “Gra” has pleased fans of the gentle family photo, which is posted in his microblog in Instagram.

Celebrity very long concealed the name of his beloved, but the fact that it exists, fans have always known. And now the singer has taken to his their children. Anna avoided to mention his name in interviews and TV shows, never appear with him at social events and star parties. As the singer blurted out that she intends to marry the father of Hector, her youngest child.

Later still she mentioned that the baby’s father is the lead singer of the band MBAND Anatoliy Tsoy. However, confirmation of this has appeared only now in the form of pictures in the social network . The picture shows Anna and Anatoly are depicted half-turned from a picturesque pond. They sit on the wooden parapet and gently embrace her boy, whose face is not visible in the picture. The happy parents look tenderly at each other. Anna did not comment on the photo with words and limit the emoticons in the form of hearts – they are a star is not stingy.

The confidence of the fans is that Choi – Papa Hector potrapila the same photo to Instagram of the singer. Previously, neither Anna nor Anatoly did not comment on rumors about their romantic relationship. Now, according to the fans, their relationship became a fait accompli.