Olga Gorbachev

Wed, 2 Aug 2017


Photo from open sources

News of show business:the Star Olga Gorbachev congratulated the youngest daughter with a birthday party.

Singer Olga Gorbachev on his page on Instagram shared a picture from a holiday abroad, which for the first time showed his youngest daughter Seraphim.

Singer Olga Gorbacheva and her husband, producer Yuri Nikitin, try to keep the details of his personal life under lock and key and adhere to the principle of “happiness loves silence”.

But, despite this, the 36-year-old singer does not forget about their followers on social networks and periodically pleases their shots from the family archive.

This time Gorbachev decided to share in his blog in Instagram pics with her young daughter Serafima, which today celebrates birthday.

“Happy nameday Seraphim and Heruvimov” – wrote in his blog Olga, sprovodi post hashtags #dellangelo #Serafimovicha #Mamacita .

Judging by the background of the photo it was taken during a vacation star of the family abroad. It is a 3-year-old Seraphim is an angel. Blond curls and blue eyes girl instantly won the hearts of followers Gorbacheva.