CHELYABINSK, September 22. /Offset. TASS Alexander Chirkov/. The number of addresses in Chelyabinsk oblast other regions of Russia in 2017, compared to the previous year decreased by about 10-15%. On Friday, told journalists the Minister of culture of the region Alexey Betekhtin.

“Domestic tourism in Chelyabinsk region is about 2 million people a year (tourists from other regions of Russia – approx. TASS). At the end of last year this indicator has grown approximately on 30%. At the end of this year we expect growth of 10-15%,” – said the Minister.

According to Betehtina, the decline was largely due to the weather. “This summer in Chelyabinsk region the weather had been cold, and in 2016, when she had another, on the lakes just the Apple was nowhere to fall”, – he said.

In order to ensure the growth of tourist arrivals, the authorities of the Chelyabinsk region to help solve the problems to investors willing to invest in the development of tourism infrastructure . “The Governor regularly hosts interagency councils involving all relevant Ministers. Them resorts are considered from the standpoint of facilitating infrastructure improvement. For example, we are now looking for a solution to the problems that will allow the investor to develop the facility, which is called “Europe – Asia” and is the village miasskoe,” said Betekhtin.

Tourism potential

According to the Ministry of culture of the Chelyabinsk region, the region has about 3 thousand lakes with the total length of the shore most of the black sea coast of Krasnodar region. On the lakes the summer each year, has about 340 recreational beaches. On the coast of the most popular lakes Kisegach, Uvildy, Sungul, Turgoyak are sanatoriums and health resorts.

In the regional Museum in Chelyabinsk under the glass protective cover is a meteorite that fell in February 2013 in lake Chebarkul. In Miass there is a Museum of the Ilmen reserve, where you can see one of the largest collections of minerals in the country, stuffed rare animals and the collection of insects.

Lake Turgoyak is the island of Faith, where tourists can check out the mysterious megalithic structures, consisting of large blocks of stone, United without the use of cement and mortar.

On the South of the Chelyabinsk region is a Museum-reserve Arkaim. This is one of the most significant tourist brands of the southern Urals. On site in summer, tourists can look at the excavations of the ancient settlement of the bronze age, reconstructed settlement from the stone age era, a Cossack farmstead, a windmill. Work of an exposition of the findings in Arkaim.

The fans of winter sports can find in the Chelyabinsk region of 16 ski resorts. According to the regional Ministry of culture, they offer more than 50 different difficulty slopes with lighting, lifts and equipment rental. The most famous holiday resorts you can call the centers Sun valley (12 km from Vologda) and “Abzakovo” (60 km from Magnitogorsk).