The last time the Network is actively replicated the rumors about the disease known Russian actress, star of TV series “My fair nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, reports “Russian conversation”.

Moreover, the representatives of the actress deny evidence that she is struggling with cancer.

“A diagnosis of “brain cancer” she has no”, – quotes NTV words of the Director-actress Marina Potapova.

Meanwhile, friend wife Zavorotnyuk Peter Chernyshov said that he asked about the health of his wife, and the latter categorically stated that Anastasia has no cancer.

The Chernyshev said that the wife still didn’t come in shape after childbirth.

According to a friend Chernysheva, Anastasia “noticeably gained weight, and that it inhibits”. He also said that the condition of the car crash could cause relationship problems with her husband. Supposedly before Peter got information that his wife was flirting with another man, causing the couple discord occurred. Anastasia is very concerned in connection with the situation.

“She has something like depression, not cancer, how to write”, – said the interlocutor.

On Tuesday, the media reported that Federal TV channels are fighting for the right to interview car crash in which she would have told the whole truth about your condition. One of the TV channels willing to pay three million rubles, but the actress has so far refused.

We will remind, ex-wife Natalia Chernysheva Annenko expressed readiness to help Zavertnik.